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Welcome to the world where the oven adapts to the product - and not the product to the oven


Cyclothermic deck bakery ovens DADEX are designed for intensive use. The Burner that can work with oil, gas, pellets, etc. is placed in the flame tube which is positioned in the middle of the stand. Big turbine is mounted on the back side of the oven and is sucking the hot air from the flame tube and injecting it into the system of air channels which are placed on top and bellow every deck. This way, heat is distributed equally through all parts of the oven. You can fine tune uniformity of backing using the dumper system.

Every deck has its steam generator which is heated by the furnace but also has additional electrical heaters to speed up steam generation, if necessary. All the oven functions are controlled by the integrated control panel. Cyclothermic ovens can be used for baking of all kinds of products.

  • All the decks work at the same temperature
  • Economic at intensive production
  • Can work with oil, gas
  • Independent, powerful steam generators for each deck
  • Baking stove made of refractory concrete reinforced with glass fiber
  • High thermal insulation
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Integrated control device for each
  • Glass or stainless steel door

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