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Welcome to the world where the oven adapts to the product - and not the product to the oven


Automatic proofing chamber DADEX provides optimal conditions for dough growing after mixing procedure. It has heating and steam generator. Built-in fan mixes air inside the chamber and makes its atmosphere homogenous. The chamber is entirely made of inox. All panels are made of double inox metal sheets with temperature insulation between them. It is automated which means that you only need to specify desired temperature and humidity percentage and after that, steam injection and temperature regulation are performed automatically. If the chamber is standalone, it is controlled by the built-in control panel. If it is delivered along with the oven, the control panel is integrated into the oven. The dimensions of proofing chamber are adjustable to your needs.

  • Automatic temperature and humidity regulation
  • Powerful steam generator
  • Made of insulated panels
  • High thermal insulation
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 interior
  • LED lights
  • Integrated control device
  • Can be made with custom dimensions

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