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Welcome to the world where the oven adapts to the product - and not the product to the oven


STEAM DECK OVEN D-PEK  are designed for intensive use. They have a heating tubes system which enables even distribution of heat through all parts of the oven. This is achieved without the use of any fan or moving parts. This way, uniformity of baking is achieved without any need for additional adjustments. The furnace is made from thermic-insulative materials and combined with good insulation of the oven enables long preservation of thermal energy inside the oven.

Combustion gasses are used for heating of the water container placed on the top of the oven, so you get warm technical water. The oven can be heated with solid fuel, pellets, gas, oil and even by electric heaters. By default, the oven is ready for use with solid fuel. Every deck has its steam generator which is heated by the furnace but also has additional electrical heaters to speed up steam generation, if necessary. Annular steam ovens are the most economical ones and can be used for baking of all types of products.

1) The system of heaters is made of seamless steel tubes with thickness of 4 mm and radius of 32 mm. It is resistant to high pressure and tested at 500 °C. This guarantees that tubes will not have any problems at temperatures of baking. Tubes are distributed so that uniformity of baking is gained.

2) Side and back walls combined with good temperature insulation between the walls and external plates keep all the heat inside the oven thus maximally reducing energy losses.

3) The furnace is prepared for stoke with solid fuels, but you can easily install burner that uses any fuel or even electric heaters that are made by DADEX.

4) Steam generators of decks and fermentation chamber are heated by the furnace, but they also have electric heaters that can perform fast heating of generators when needed.

5) Openings on the front side provide easy access to channels for cleaning and maintenance.

6) Water boiler is placed on the oven’s ceiling and is heated by combustion gases. So you get technical hot water for your production.

7) Heat is distributed through channels, so all parts of the oven are equally heated

  • All the deck work at the same temperature
  • Economic at intensive production
  • Can work with solid fuel, oil, gas, pellet, electric  energy
  • Independent, powerful steam generators for each deck
  • Baking stove made of refractory concrete reinforced with glass fiber
  • High thermal insulation
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Integrated control device for each
  • Lateral furnace access
  • Glass or stainless steel door

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